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Month: April 2016

It Begins Anew

Hey there, remember me? No? Likely not, but that’s ok. I’m pretty sure this blog gets more visits from Russian spam bots than humans.

But that’s cool. Our future Russian spambot overlords need to read once in a while too. Who am I to deny them that?

This writing blog was a map of my tentative, wobbly steps as a fiction writer. A ‘wannabe’ or ‘aspiring’ writer of nerdy fiction. It spanned a few years, and included a bunch of missteps, odd ideas, whacky formatting, and assorted theme snafus and site issues.

So, no longer being ‘aspiring’…stupid word…I’ve decided to sweep much of the old and dusty detritus under the nearest available rug and start with a fresh slate. Some of the best old posts remain for intrepid Google surfers, but starting here and now, I’d like to refocus and sharpen this blog into something useful and interesting.

Of course, I’m far from finished learning as a writer. In no way does this imply I think I’m oh so amazing and have learned it all! But, in the end, the web is chock full of early level fiction writers wobbling about drunkenly, and I see no need to add to the existing pile of blog posts already out there about this or that low level topic.

Instead, come join me by the fireside…what do you mean there’s no fire? Of course there is a fire. It’s right there next to that pink elephant playing the harmonica. Anyway, join me as we delve into some writing subjects that interest me, like hardware and software, books and stories that excite me, news in the writing world, and even some of my own work on Amazon and Patreon.

You in?

Groovy. Sign up to my RSS feed at, follow the blog on your favorite reader like Feedly, and maybe join my reading group on the left side of the screen (the group is for my book and story related news only, no spam, minimal emails).

Next up, let’s talk writing hardware, once and for all, bullshit aside, and fanboi brand fanaticism kicked to the curb.