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Gormek of the Thousand Tongues

Gormek of the Thousand Tongues
Publication Year: 2015
Length: Short Story
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About the Book

Gormek had tasted all the world had to offer: the sour tang of tainted magics, the lingering sweetness of fear, the roasted darkness of man and beast.

The energies of the world are fading, but the hunger of the many-tongued godling will not abate. When it came across a lowly farmer, Gormek believed it was just one more morsel, one tasty bit of meat in a land drained of life.

However, the farmer may yet be the creature’s match. Quick wits verses an insatiable, ancient appetite as the withered world hangs in the balance as prize for the winner in this contest of wills.

Only one may feed their need.

This story is DRM free!

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