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About Kristopher L. Neidecker

My Ugly Mug
My Ugly Mug

A word-monkey riding the ancient flaming pineapple missile of Hurr-Durr! A hunt-and-peck typist tapping away in his word-cave! A socially-awkward scribbler of seriously strange stories, striding slowly and sonorously singing stylish soliloquy stanzas somewhere south of sanity.

I write science fiction, fantasy, and whatever else tickles my fancy. Sometimes it kicks ass, other times I fail miserably, but it is always interesting.

I also blog, but who doesn’t!

Most writers would spend a moment here telling us about just how long they had been writing — Since they were a fetus floating in amniotic fluids! Born with a typewriter grafted to their little arms! Their first novel was crayoned onto the kitchen wall at four years of age!

Not I. See, the fact is, I’ll be late to my own funeral.

When I was a wee lad, knee high to a giant man-eating grasshopper (terrible pets, by the way), I wanted to write — and to an extent, I did! Those days of yore I wrote ‘stories’ (and I use that term loosely!) on an old Atari 800 and printed them out with a dot matrix printer that sounded like a dozen angry bees trapped in a can when it printed.

I even toyed with novels — and by toyed, I mean “thought a whole lot about them but never lifted a lazy-assed finger because that shit is hard.”

And then, life happened. I did the college thing, the job thing, the ‘become a useful member of society’ thing. It wasn’t until a long time later that I started writing again. And this blog is the home of that journey, as messy a journey as it has been!

Take a gander at my writings, examine with a judgmental eye my rants, and let me know what you think.

You can read my stories at my Patreon page at, where you read everything for free and maybe, if the desire strikes, support my efforts!

And hell, who knows! I might even entertain you!


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